The Rolling Exhibition

Bio and Contact Info

Kevin Michael Connolly was born without legs in Helena, Montana. An otherwise healthy baby, he grew up like any other kid – getting dirty and playing in the woods.

Kevin’s first taste of international travel came in 2006 when he studied abroad in New Zealand for a year. While on the return home, Connolly was skateboarding down a backstreet in Vienna and took his first prototype photo for what would become The Rolling Exhibition.

The Rolling Exhibition is an art exhibit of over 33,000 photos that took Connolly to 27 countries as he documented the stares and reactions from others around the world. His photography work has been featured in the Smithsonian Institution, ABC’s 20/20, NPR, BBC, Yahoo! News, and National Geographic. He currently maintains galleries in England, Mexico, and Czech Republic.

At the age of 23, Connolly began work on his memoir, “Double Take,” which chronicles his early life, as well as his journey working on The Rolling Exhibition. Double Take has been published in three languages; garnered rave reviews US outlets (“People Magazine,” “Outside Magazine” and the “TODAY Show,”); and is being developed into a feature film by Groundswell Productions.

Kevin’s explorations have netted him a broken jaw, a couple dozen stitches and two X-Games medals – one silver medal in 2007 and one bronze in 2010. He serves on the board of directors for the Montana Independent Living project, and has been honored multiple times for his work in the area of disability.

Connolly’s desire for adventure was featured in Travel Channel’s 2013 original series, “Armed & Ready,” where he created jury-rigged prosthetics to solve obstacles posed to many active amputees.

You can reach Kevin directly on Twitter and Facebook.